Top 1% Florist of all U.S. Floral shops

Hutcheon’s Flowers is honored with Teleflora Top 2000 Florist Award

Abington Aug. 3, 2016 – Hutcheon’s Flower Co. was recently recognized by Teleflora, the world’s leading floral delivery service that works hand-in-hand with local florist to provide artistically arranged and hand-delivered floral arrangements, as a TOP 2000 florist for the year of 2015.  Hutcheon’s was also recognized as a TOP 1000 – TOP 2000 florist from 2011-2014.

Teleflora has approx. 11,000 member florist throughout the U.S. and Canada and this prominent award recognizes Hutcheon’s Flower Co. as being in the top 1% of all U.S. floral shops sending orders throughout the Teleflora network.  This coveted award illustrates this enterprising florist’s hard work and commitment to the floral industry.


Hutcheon’s Flower Co. has been an important family owned small business and member of the community for over 45 years and is located at 84 Hancock St. Abington, MA.  consumers can place all their flower orders for same-day delivery to anyone worldwide by contacting Hutcheon’s Flower co. at (781( 878-2909.

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Sympathy Etiquette

What do I send for funeral flowers?  What is appropriate for a  man, Father or Grandfather?What funeral flowers are appropriate for my Grandma or my friends Grandmother?

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Sympathy flowers, what’s appropriate?


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What’s appropriate when sending sympathy, funeral flowers

 If you’re not sure what is appropriate when sending funeral or sympathy flowers let our Tribute Guide by Relationship help. Read more here under our sympathy pages


Sympathy Card Messages – what can you possibly say?

Helping a friend in grief may mean different things to different people, but what sympathy messages could possibly convey how your thoughts and prayers are with your friend or loved ones who has lost a loved one? 

garden of serenity

“We never lose the people we love, even to death, they continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make.”

“May you find comfort in knowing that your lives have been enriched by having shared their love.” Leo Buscaglia

More sympathy card message ideas here


Helping a Friend in Grief

The funeral service is over. Friends and family have paid their respective respects and gone home. There are no more hectic plans to distract the grieving family, and the shock has worn off. They are now left feeling lost and alone.

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Experts say that although the initial outpouring of sympathy is  a great comfort to a family that has lost a loved one, many people experiencing such a loss appreciate being thought of in the weeks and months after the funeral. Consider sending flowers or a plant with a personal note to the home of the bereaved. Your message of, “I’m here if you need me, ” will show the bereaved that no matter how much time passes, he or she can count on your support. read more here


Sympathy Etiquette

 It is never easy comforting a relative, friend or associate who has lost a loved one. People are often uncertain as to the best way to show their sympathy. Should you send funeral flowers to the funeral home, or should you have sympathy flowers sent to your friend who lost a family member? 


Hutcheons Flowers Abington, MA


Adding to this uncertainty are changing trends in how Americans commemorate the death of a loved. Services are simpler and shorter. Viewing periods are now typically limited to one day, if they occur at all. A greater number of cremations have resulted in shorter or no memorial services. Read more here

Sending sympathy flowers

Flowers are not only for the living, they are also for the dead. Americans traditionally have expressed their respect

for the deceased by sending flowers, which honors the dead and console the living. Learn more about the history and importance of sympathy &  funeral flowers and sympathy flower etiquette


Contemporary Role of sympathy flowers

heartWhether you are sending funeral flowers for a friend or need sympathy flower arrangements delivered, your florist will help you along with your funeral director in making floral selections that help celebrate the life of your loved one and create an atmosphere that is comforting and aesthetically pleasing to you and your family.

Contemporary Role of Flowers

Flowers create a background of warmth and beauty, which adds to the dignity and consolation of the funeral service. Following the service, the bereaved are left with an indelible impression, or “memory picture” of the funeral. The more comforting the memory picture, the more easily it is recalled by the bereaved and the more vivid is the reinforcement of the reality of loss. Flowers do not wither and die in the mind of the bereaved; they are recalled time and again as indelible memories. Conversely, those who have attended service where there were no flowers, have expressed the feeling that something was missing, that the funeral was depressing.

Flowers also have a spiritual significance.  Read more here